Heavy Duty – Weeks Seven and Eight Report

Down and up. Ride the roller coaster.

Last week I was down .5 pounds. Woohoo!

This week I am up 2.4 pounds… Not so woohoo…

So what’s going on here? Well the result is me not hitting the gym for two weeks straight. At least, not hitting it consistently. I also haven’t taken enough advantage of the awesome elliptical in our home. I’ll also admit to taking second helpings of things when I really, REALLY should just take one.

I am trying to use this set back as motivation. I hope by being honest online I can be more honest with myself and gat back into the routine I need to lose the fluff on my bones. I hope next week’s report will see me back on target. I will work toward it. I promise.

Heavy Duty – Week Six Report

Followers of my progress…This week’s report: No change.

That’s right. The scale said: “Am I in a time warp? I could’a swore this was a week ago.” However, on a positive note, I didn’t increase.

What happened this week? Where was the progress? Well, there are some very good reasons the scale didn’t budge and a healthy reminder that the scale isn’t always the best indicator of progress, even small victories.

For the most part I stuck with my no food after nine plan (I did indulge in a few graham crackers last night). I didn’t hit the gym this week, but I did make sure to use the elliptical at home regularly. I also tried to hit my steps each day and ate up to my calories.

There are weeks where there is no change. Weeks like this one where, while I did hit my calories, I didn’t make the wisest food choices (donuts and apple cider being an example)… Meanwhile, my clothing is fitting better and I don’t look like a strange blob in my XL shirts anymore (I had migrated to XXL over the last year).

Gotta keep trucking.

Heavy Duty – Week Five Report

Whew! Another week done. It was as far as gym-going was concerned. I was also more sore than in weeks previously. The good news, for those who don’t want to read the whole post, is that I am down three pounds this week. The sober assessment is that the success of this week is A) no cause to go super crazy with calories and B) no promise that I will see a similar decrease next week.

What have I been doing differently?

The first few weeks of my Heavy Duty personal improvement plan were over the top. I was running intervals four days a week and being SUPER active on the weekends. I was also not getting as much sleep as my body needed. As such, the┬ástored fat my body had, didn’t want to be given up easily. The wonderful biology of the human body when confronted with such high intensity is at first to conserve stored energy while repairing muscles (and building them up in the process). There is truth in the phrase “muscle weighs more than fat,” but when the goal is the loss of fat, putting too much muscle on in the beginning CAN be counterproductive.

Last week I decided to slow things down a bit. Instead of the treadmill, I opted for the elliptical. Instead of workouts with near-peak heart rates for 30 minutes, I did the math and found the “fat-burn” heart rate sweet spot and stuck with that for 30 to 40 minutes. I also instituted the “nothing after nine” rule and really cut back on drinking calories. I also tried harder to get a decent night’s sleep (which, thanks to our amazing sleeper of a baby, is not too hard to do).

I do want to run again…this week I did one day of intervals but my body wasn’t ready.

The beautiful thing about wearing minimalist shoes (which I have done for years) is that one can listen to the needs of the body more easily. My calves are a little too stressed for the impact of my, now, 287 pound mass of man. I am working on walking and some jogging, but I’ll know when the time is right to begin again down the road of running.

We also were gifted an AWESOME elliptical machine for our home from my (follow me) sister-in-law’s parent-in-laws. Their generous gift has made a world of difference for both Kristin and me. It helps on days when it’s either too nasty for a walk OR I can’t make it to the gym for one reason or the other.

On a final note…last week I was reflecting on what it really meant to lose ONE pound. The best image I could come up with was a package of butter from the store. Those four sticks are one pound. That much is OFF of me. Even if I were to lose a half a pound, TWO sticks are gone. Slowly the boxes of butter will add up and, if you are like me, you can look back and say, “Wow, I have lost 8 boxes of butter from my body, not too bad.”

Good luck with your personal journeys of improvement. I would love to hear some of your stories and tips to how you keep yourself motivated on the long road of this heavy duty.

Heavy Duty – Week Four Report

Down again. 1 pound this week. I made an effort to make some good decisions this week and they paid off. I only made it to the gym ONCE but the long walks I have been taking with Kristin and Oliver have made me more active than I once was. I also decided to not touch a beer this week AND to follow the “no food after 9PM” rule.

I hope that this is the beginning of a slow and steady decline in weight, but one can never count on it. I just need to focus on making better and better habits and trying my best to be active and get good sleep.

This week has been a rough one related to work and my emotions. I have also been busier with other things keeping me from getting the gym time in I wanted. However, the fact that the scale was in my favor, shows that I am on the right track.

I’ve come to the mindset that this will be a long journey. But I am committed to it. Some dad’s have building projects for their homes, for me my first project is myself.

Heavy Duty – Week Three Report

Well, today wasn’t a surprise. I gained a little over half a pound. However, this isn’t putting me down. There are a lot of reasons why I am not seeing a down-tick this week.

1. I only purposefully “worked out” twice this week.
2. Labor Day weekend was fun, and I did a lot of walking…BUT I didn’t make very smart food and beverage choices.
3. I haven’t been drinking enough water.
4. I had a few too many sweets in the evenings (S’mores around the campfire)…

BUT I am feeling good and I can tell my muscles are continuing to “wake up” as I get more and more into a running routine. I do need to remember that my heart rate when I train for running is too high for fat burning and promotes muscle growth (which will eventually help increase my metabolism).

I also need to remind myself that I am healthy. Every time I have blood work and get my pressure checked, it comes back healthy. I have a struggle with excessive body fat, but I am not pre-diabetic, have bad cholesterol, nor hypertension.

Weeks when the scale isn’t in my favor are bummers, but I can’t let them bring me down. If I do… more bummers will follow.