Kottage Time, Summer’s Last Hurrah


Labor Day marks the end of summer for most kids and teachers and we are spending ours with family. Kristin and I are grateful to my aunt Kris and uncle Paul for letting us stay in their kottage (spelled thusly due to the giant green “k” on the front). It certainly isn’t the same without them here, but most of my family are in other cottages nearby, so it will feel eventful.

I don’t have anything profound to share about labor day (except the holiday seems to become more and more ironic as labor unions continue to lose influence and power), or about enjoying time on a small lake. I am hoping to try my best to slow down again and be mindful of the moment to moment wonders of existence.

However you spend your holiday weekend, I hope you find a few moments of beauty and joy. With summer ending and fall already in the morning air, every corn cob and watermelon seed is a testament to the ending of a season, savor them all.

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