Illustration Work: Human Movement Ch 2 and 3


Chapter 2 is all about muscles and how they work.


I am amazed at how complex our muscles are.


I had some fun with this chapter.


Chapter Three is an initial walk through the neurological park.


I tried to find a simple way to illustrate how messages are sent via neurons to the various parts of our bodies. I’m awaiting approval from my publisher, but I can share what I have done with you.


I am glad I get to work in with comic strips for these book. They are not always meant to be funny.


Illustration from an activity on testing reflexes.

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider


The big, beautiful Shelob.

A garden orb weaver spider has spun a web near our backdoor each year since we bought our home.¬†They are most likely the offspring of the previous year’s spider. Most people would find these quarter-sized arachnids unnerving and want to banish them from their property. I’ve come to think of each as a tiny guardian keeping unwanted bugs from entering our home. I even turn the porch light to attract meals. Of course I give each one a different name, first was Alice, then Aragog (the fact that Rowling made the ancient spider male always upset me, Aragog should’ve been female), and this year, Shelob. Continue reading

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Musings: How to Find, Feed, and Keep Your Creativity


Historically sexist images of the Muse aside, is the personification of creativity a helpful construct? Ray Bradbury seemed to think so in his fourth essay of Zen in the Art of Writing, “How to Keep and Feed a Muse.” The essay continues to unpack his theory that memory and the subconscious are the primary engines of our creativity. Unlike his earlier essays, here he speaks in more practical terms on how a writer, or creative person in general, can find, feed, and keep their Muse. Continue reading

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Human Movement, Illustrations for Chapter One


Illustrations for chapter one. It’s all about our bones.


In the introduction to the book, which was also in the sales copy, I had the main teacher/adult show her muscle, nerve, and skeletal systems. I’m running with that trope.


Coloring takes the longest for me. It’s partially my fault for having such a loose/unclosed line style. I can’t easily use the paint bucket tool to color huge areas, I need to make sure I’ve blocked off all the smaller areas into which it can bleed. I will probably need to change my style in future to get these done faster.

The next six weeks I will be working on Human Movement for Nomad Press. It looks like a fun book for folks who want to know how our bodies move and the study of kinesiology. I will be posting my work as I go. For chapters two and three I will post my line work only, just to change it up.

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Gut-Punched by Pneumonia


I’ve never felt like I was drowning before last week. Starting Thursday night I had a fever which continued to build into the weekend. I coughed, nothing came with it. I felt dizzy, but no ear or sinus problems. I was getting short of breath. On Monday I thought I was getting better, I thought my fever was lessening, but I would cough until I saw stars and my body was wading in chest-high water. When I breathed out my lungs gurgled like a pot of boiling pasta. I begrudgingly went to urgent care where they gave me a face mask after I hacked my way to check-in. Continue reading

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